Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hump Day...

The kids have fallen into semi-new routines as of late. Isaiah is down to only 2 naps during the day, and he's being fairly regular with them both. His two new teeth don't seem to be bothering him as much, but he's developed a little blood blister near the right tooth, and we're guessing that's the culprit to his recent bouts of pain. We were told to pop it, ouch, but Zae boy isn't letting us get in there to do so. Hopefully he pops it on his own, and he should with the constant gnawing & chewing on his toys. Nevertheless, he's been in a better mood.

Makenna has "graduated" to a single nap nowadays, and there are even times where she acts as if she doesn't need one at all. Her vocabulary has grown to the point where we stopped counting how many words she knows, although she still has her own language. She likes to "ask" questions in her language, and will wait patiently for an answer. If it's the right one, she'll smile, if it's the wrong one, she'll ask again. Where does she learn this stuff??

Isaiah practicing how to stand up on his own

Makenna enjoying herself at cousin Wesley's birthday party

Are the kids plotting against us???

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