Friday, March 14, 2008

So it seems that the kids have more in common than their obvious charm and sophistication =) Since little Isaiah has been on the fussy side lately, we inquired with the doctor what it could be. His first thought was that it was gas, remember he's a Camero, but even after giving Zay drops to aid in this, he still remained uncomfortable. His discomfort continued on through the week, seemingly getting worse as each day passed. When we called on the doctor again, he went ahead and prescribed the same medication he did for Kenna when she had her bouts of acid reflux. Wow, it's really like deja vu!
Nevertheless, we went ahead and started giving Zay his new meds, and we're hoping to see a change for the better within the next couple of days. Big sister Kenna is always around to make sure her little brother is ok, and only gets closer to him daily. I'm sure she's just waiting for the day he can keep up with her, as she manages to keep us on our toes! Happy Friday!

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