Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another week...

The weekends continue to pass quickly, and it feels like there's no time for much of anything but feeding the kids and then making sure they take their naps! And while we try to keep the both of them on the same schedule, it's a little harder with Isaiah, since he stays hungry for about 50% of the day! This "little" guy can really put that stuff away, and he's not getting any smaller. Over the past couple of weeks, we've noticed a change in him. Of course he's going through the same things that his sister did with the acid-reflux, which seems to be a bit more under control now that we've got him on meds. He's become a lot more solid and is really starting to fill out now that he's increased his intake. It's most noticeable in his face, and much like his daddy & sister, he's got the cheeks to prove it! Along with his growth, he continues to become more and more aware of what's around him. He's been enjoying a lot of tummy time, and prefers to sleep on his stomach during the day. It's almost as if he sleeps more soundly that way, and in doing so, it allows Enz to catch up on some much needed rest herself! He's starting to make some cooing sounds, and practices lifting his head up and keeping it up for long periods of time. He's got a doctor's appointment coming up, and we're curious to see how much his stats have changed since his last visit.
We brought the kids to church this past Sunday, and they both were on their best behavior. WHEW! Isaiah slept almost through the entire mass, and we pride ourselves with this guy since he's able to sleep through almost anything! And Makenna had her halo on this time, not acting out at all. She's never really had issues in church, but if she stays in one place too long, she gets a little "stir crazy," much like her mommy =) As the weekend wound down, we relaxed at home, eager for the new week to begin (hehehe)...

Little Zay's "grunge" look

One of Makenna's new hair clips (she's letting mommy mess with her hair now!)

Ahhhhhh, Mommy & Zay finally getting some refreshment!!!

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