Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Happy 1 Month Isaiah!

Today is Zay's one month birthday! And where has the time gone? This guy keeps on growing and changing day by day, but one thing remains the same: this boy can eat!! We've been blessed thus far with healthy children with hearty appetites!

It's been in the works, but yesterday marked the first day that Makenna really and truly walked on her own! She's been taking steps here and there, and would do so only when she was pushed to do so. But somehow, something lit a fire under her little butt yesterday, almost as if she woke up in the morning determined to "make it on her own." Enz called me during the day to tell me that Kenna walked the entire length of the couch without holding on, and did so numerous times. When I got home, she was already walking across the room, without hesitation. When we took her to visit Nonno & Nonna, she kept on walking! Of course she'd stumble at times, but that's just a fact of life. She'll be running in no time!

Now it's just a matter of keeping her away from things we don't want her walking to!!!

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