Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hump Day...

Kenna is off and running now, literally. She has really made strides with her walking, and we constantly find her attempting new things as she tests her limits. While walking, she tries to look in a different direction than where she's walking, which usually ends up with her falling over. She makes attempts to play with toys while walking, and that doesn't seem to trip her up. She has mastered squatting down and picking things up while walking, so she is becoming a little more versatile. Check out the latest video clip of her "owning" the family room. She doesn't do any of her tricks, but you can see just how confident she's become with walking.

Last night, we took the kids out to run some errands, rather than leaving them at home with one of us. This was the first time we let Kenna out of the stroller to explore and boy did she have a blast! Whenever she saw an open area that allowed her to open up, she shrieked with delight, making everyone around her take notice. Her laugh is very contagious and it makes people smile, or so it did last night. We enjoyed letting her have her freedom for a bit because we knew it would tire her out. Once we got her home, it took her no time to crash out!

Zay is still eating like a madman, and at times we find it frustrating that we can't seem to satisfy his appetite. His bouts of gas & acid reflux have both let up considerably, and now it seems like his belly is a bottomless pit! At this rate, the supply is keeping up with the demand, so we're still good in that sense!

sound asleep since the belly has been satisfied...

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