Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Magic Number One

Things are changing in the home for us. Both kids are hitting some memorable milestones this week. For Makenna, she'll be turning 1 year old, while Isaiah hits the 1 month old mark. Where has the time gone? I took an entire month off to help out at home while we get adjusted to twice the kids, and that time off flew by! Of course the days blended together for the first couple of weeks due to lack of sleep, but when I finally got my bearings in order, it was time to get back to the daily grind!
Kenna has started to develop a little more confidence with her attempts at walking on her own. She knows she can do it, but we think fear is getting the best of her. She loves the safety net of knowing that if she loses her balance, all she needs to do is grab onto the couch or whatever's nearby. Her eyes bug out substantially when she steps out of her comfort zone. Of course we all get apprehensive about doing things for the first time

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