Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter fun..

This Easter marked Makenna's second, and Isaiah's first. In fact, Makenna was just a little over a month old for her first Easter, much like Isaiah was yesterday. For little Zay, it may as well just have been another day, but for Kenna, it was her chance to show us all how much she's grown! The first part of the day was spent with Grandma & Aunt B who came over for brunch. Of course they both spoiled Kenna & Zay, but that's what family's supposed to do! Afterwards, it was off to Nonno & Nonna's house for some play time with the cousins.
We had a great time just watching the kids interact with one another. Little Isaiah was awake for a greater part of the day, although he didn't participate much in the festivities. Kenna was able to keep up with the boys for the most part, mainly because she's up on her feet now. This was her first Easter egg hunt, so naturally she didn't know what to do. She did end up snatching a couple of eggs, one for herself, and one for her brother-what a great big sister! Elliott & Wesley were pros, but were both generous enough to share the loot with their cousins! Can't wait until next year when Zay can get in on the fun. Kenna will definitely have her own little tag team partner, or she might just throw Zay under the bus--every man for himself!!!

The grandkids, the cousins, the next generation, the clique...

Makenna has two eggs, one for herself & one for Isaiah

Makenna's Easter bunny costume

showin' little brother some love on Easter

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