Thursday, October 11, 2007

Social Butterfly

Just like any other kid, Makenna starts off shy when she first sees a bunch of new people. She'll even act that way around people she knows, but hasn't seen in a while. That being said, we've noticed that it takes her no time at all to warm up to all those around her.

Yesterday was a full day for the little one, as Mommy brought her over to Daddy's work to visit for lunch. What a way to break up another monotonous day at the salt mine! It had been a couple of months since she last visited, so my co-workers were all amazed at her size. As I took her around the office, she marveled at all the new things to look at, and some new faces as well. She warmed up to a few people so quickly, that I found it hard to get her back!

She then spent the afternoon with Grandma, as we went in for our monthly appointment for Baby Coconut. All went well, and we had another chance to listen to baby coco's heartbeat. It was so mellow & rhythmic, nothing like the "hard house" beat of Makenna's! They scheduled our hospital appointment, so barring any unforseen circumstances, baby #2 will be born on February 5, 2008. Keep your fingers crossed! We still have to wait until December to find out what we're having, so we'll let everyone know then.

Kenna's day ended up at cousin Cole's 3rd birthday. We normally don't have Kenna out past her bedtime, especially on a school night, but we made an exception. Kenna wasted no time hanging out with all the grown-ups as well as all the kids. While we stayed for only an hour or so, Kenna kept going strong, posing for pictures, waving hi & bye, just having a grand old time! Needless to say, we had no problems putting her down for the night!

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