Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Monday!

We had a fairly relaxing weekend, not much planned, but nevertheless a fun weekend with the little one. Her crawling has become a lot faster now, even though she's still using her elbows more than her hands. She has also started to master some yoga poses, and even freezes in the upper position of a push-up! She'll get on her hands and knees, and start to rock back and forth, but she has yet to master the actual "hands and knees" crawl. Regardless of her form, she's still a speedy little squirt, and I can't recall how many times I had to get up and chase after her. She ends up in the same spot though, in front of our first dvd rack, and she grabs the same movie, Collateral Damage. Not quite sure if she wants to watch it, or if she likes Arnold. Whatever the attraction is, we'll never know. She always goes for that same disk!

Here's a little video clip to start the week off right. Its one of Kenna as she cracks up at my expense. I never realized how much beating myself up could make the little one laugh! Enjoy & Happy Monday!

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