Monday, October 15, 2007

Makenna's Baptism

This past Saturday was Makenna's baptism, and what an event it was! Even though Makenna still wasn't 100%, her spirits were high and she did her best to entertain the families! We were surprised that she didn't cry in the church, she probably thought she was getting a bath! And she was able to get through the reception with little rest. We've already figured that she loves to be around people, and the constant passing around on Saturday didn't bother her one bit!

Thanks to our families for helping to make this special event memorable, and an extra special Thank You to Rick, Merr, Dennis & Sarah for graciously accepting the resposibility in guiding Kenna with her spiritual growth!

Today's my baptism & grandma made my pretty dress!

Newly baptized with Mommy & Daddy

Makenna with Father Ben, parents & godparents

Ninong Ricky & Ninang Merr with Makenna

Ninong Dennis & Ninang Sarah with Makenna

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