Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Hump Day!

Makenna must know that there's something going on in her Mommy's belly. Now that it's grown to a more noticeable size, Kenna has been placing her hand on mommy's stomach whenever she's near. Although we still don't know whether its a boy or girl, we do know that he or she likes to eat, and we're guessing that this one will be another big baby! Here's a pic of Kenna patting Mommy's belly as she attempts to give her a bottle...

Now that Kenna is on the move, she prefers playing on the ground to being in her activity center, or even sitting up playing with her toys. Once she gets down, its off to the races so to speak, and we're constantly having to pick her up and turn her in another direction. Her favorite places to go are towards the tv (obviously), and also towards the sliding glass door. She already crawled into the glass on more than one occasion, and the thumps on the head haven't phased her yet. I always said it would be fun to see her crawling around, little did I know the consequences of when it would actually take place! And who'd a thought it would be happening so soon?!

*this post was late due to the site being down yesterday*

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