Friday, October 05, 2007

Kenna crawls for Barney! Happy Friday!

As of late, Makenna has been very persistent in making attempts to crawl. She's grown tired of her activity center, and only likes to be in it for short amounts of time before letting us know that she needs a change of scenery. Since she's learned how to sit up on her own, she really enjoys playing on the floor with her toys. She's also mastered going from the sitting position to the crawling position, although there have been instances where her timing was off and she ended up face down on the carpet! Being the trooper she is, she's learned to shrug that off and just carry on.

She's picked up on how to roll from belly to back and vice versa, as well as spinning on her belly to change directions. The next natural step would be for her to begin crawling, and even though she's been working on her "army crawl," she's finally realizing that her legs need to do some of the work! We were fortunate enough to catch this little "glimpse of things to come" on video. She still has some work to do, but you can see the foundation of what looks to be a very active little child! Enjoy & Happy Friday!

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