Wednesday, October 10, 2007

She keeps on growing...

So it seems that our little girl is growing up way too fast. No, she's not walking yet, and no, she's not standing up on her own just yet either, as the picture would suggest. We just can't get over how quickly she's picking up on things. We just started her on solids a few weeks ago, and that's going great. We're really beginning to see exactly how big her appetite is, and can't help but laugh as her mouth stays open while we feed her! Her stomach has become a bottomless pit, and now we understand why she remained fussy after ounces and ounces of milk/formula. The supply couldn't keep up with the demand!

She's still working at mastering the crawling motion, and even though she's not that quick, she still moves faster than expected. Yesterday she ended up in front of the dvd player, and I caught her reaching up for the buttons! Ahhh, the makings of a little troublemaker!

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