Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Monday

It seems like Enz is doing her best to not let this pregnancy get the best of her. I've noticed that this one is a little different in that she's a lot more tired than the first time. It could be that she has to deal with Makenna on top of being pregnant, but at this point, who knows? She's just taking it as it comes. We took a much needed break this weekend, and had Nonna & Nonno come by to watch the little one while we spent some quality "adult" time out for a few hours. It was nice to get away for dinner and a movie, although it was a little earlier than usual (Enz is finding it harder to stay up late, but it's all good).

Kenna just keeps on impressing us with her latest antics. Right now, she's really working on sitting up on her own, and can stay up for quite a while. She's learned to balance herself, but we're always keeping an eye on her because one time she got a little cocky, and did a face plant! Poor thing! Must not have hurt because she just pushed herself up off her face, and just rolled over onto her back. She's gotten the hang of rolling over from front to back and vice versa, so much so, that we never find her in the same spot we leave her when she goes down. She's all over the place, especially in her crib! Once she starts crawling, and we're thinking it may be soon, she'll be tough to keep in one place! The curiosity in this kid is enough to keep us entertained for hours!

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