Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Friday!

Its the end of yet another week, and the ladies are just moving along. Kenna is doing well with her teeth slowly coming in, and Enza is riding the latest wave of fatigue with Baby #2. While she has no real complaints about this pregnancy, she's noticed that it is true what they say in that the second pregnancy is different than the first. The one thing that remains the same thus far with the two is that the babies love beef! That being said, let's see how big Baby #2 is at birth!

As of late, Makenna has become more aware of what we do when we're eating at the table. She is still not eating solid foods yet, but that time is coming just around the bend. Enz always feels bad when we're eating in front of her because she's taken a great interest in watching us. She stares so intently, almost as if she knows exactly what we're eating and how it tastes. I can see why that makes Enz feel bad, but Kenna only has a couple of more weeks before we start her on the rice cereal. Let the games begin! I'm sure that'll be fun seeing what kind of mess this little girl will make (both on the floor and in her diapers)! Whatever hits the floor becomes free game, so Marino will probably be like Makenna's little shadow, just waiting for anything to fall!

Happy Friday & have a great weekend!

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