Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Hump Day!

Last night was definitely a better night for the little one. She was a little bit on the cranky side as the day winded down, but we attributed that to her exhaustion from the previous night. The whole teething process hasn't been so bad thus far, although it is tiring as we try to keep her comfortable and calm. Enz is doing a great job keeping her mellow at bedtime so that she's not trying to go to sleep while she's riled up. Basically we're just going with the flow to find what works best for us & little Kenna.

On a side note, Makenna is doing really well as she continues to perfect her ability to sit up on her own. There's still an occasional tip-over, but she's taking those with ease. She's still not able to get into position to sit up on her own, but when placed like that, she can stay that way for a while. In this picture, she's just chillin' while watching one of her favorite tv shows. What a big girl! Happy Hump Day!

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