Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend at home...

The weekend came and went all too quickly! Not much to do, nothing planned really, just some relaxing time at home with the family. It seems that we have our busy times where we have things planned and places to go every weekend for about a month straight. That's just downright exhausting! Now we're in a down period, where we don't have to be anywhere or do anything unless we feel like it, and these are the times when we have the most fun with the kids.

We started Isaiah on cereal this weekend, and his first attempt at it, he really wasn't feeling it. He was more interested in getting fed, so the bottle was his obvious choice of refreshment. On our second attempt, he was lukewarm to it, and was trying to make sense of the textures in his mouth. Once he figured out how to eat it, although on the messy side, he was all for it. It got to the point where we couldn't get it on the spoon fast enough before he was grabbing for it and shoving it in his mouth! Reminds us of when we started this phase with Makenna. It'll take some adjustment, but it looks like he's hooked!

Makenna's been a great big sister, and she's really fallen into her role as our little helper, especially when it comes to Isaiah. Her favorite thing to help out with is burping him, and many times we have to tell her not to hit so hard! It appears that she's getting really anxious for Isaiah to crawl and be able to move about more freely on his own. When we put him down for some floor time, she's all over him! I think she forgets that he's smaller than her, although not by much, and she loves to roughhouse with him. It's almost like she remembers how I used to wrestle with her and she's applying it to her little brother! Beware Kenna! It won't be long until Zae can hold his own with you, and by then, I'm sure he'll turn the tables on her =)

For now, Kenna's content at being Isaiah's little mentor. It's an experience to watch the two of them interact, almost like they can already understand one another...

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