Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Role reversal

Looks like the kids pulled a little switcharoo on us. Yesterday was a really good day for Isaiah, and it appeared that Grandma didn't have any problems with his fussiness. Great! According to her, he napped well and ate well, so perhaps his teething has subsided a bit. It's good that he gets a "day off" in there, to give him a little break from the pain. He was much happier yesterday, and was easy to deal with after a long day at work. Whew!

happy days are here again =)
Makenna, on the other hand, after having a delightful time at her cousin's birthday bash, was all twisted up yesterday. She woke up extremely clingy to Mommy, and was not a happy camper when she had to leave for work. Her stomach was very unsettled, as noticed by her diapers, but she tried her best to keep up her normally happy disposition. Grandma informed us that Kenna was tired, and put her down for her naps on the early side. When I got home she was a bit lethargic, but I saw that she was trying to make the best of her mood. As I fed her dinner, she stuck her fingers in the back of her mouth and rubbed her gums in the back. I figured that she too, must be teething, so I did my best to make sure she was comfortable. Wow, if it's not one kid, it's the other. I can only imagine how it'll be with a third, but I'm not allowed to talk about that....

got milk?

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