Friday, July 18, 2008


Thank God it's Friday!!! My first week back at work wasn't too bad, in fact, it came and went fairly quickly, so there's my reason to celebrate the weekend! Since Isaiah has had his first sign of teeth, he's been on the uneasy side, and it seems that there's no pleasing him (our traditional methods of calming him down don't seem to be working at this time, so hopefully that'll change once his gums settle a bit). Unlike Makenna when her first teeth broke through the surface, Isaiah is being pretty shy about showing off his little nubs...

Makenna has been fascinated with Marino lately, and has been following him everywhere. She'll wait for us to let him in the house, and when he's in, he's got a little shadow. Whenever he goes to his bed to lay down, Makenna is right behind him. I don't think she does anything, she just likes to stare at him, pet him, pull his tail - you know, the usual stuff kids do to pets. But even Marino gets annoyed sometimes, and we'll find him moving around the house trying to get comfortable, only to have Makenna following closely behind. It's like he wants to be alone, but she wants to play! Sometimes he thinks he's in the clear, but lo and behold, Hurricane Kenna is right around the corner, just waiting to get in his face =) It's good for the both of them though, and we're glad their relationship is like that rather than some of the tragedies we hear on the news. Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!

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