Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back to the grind...

So it's back to work for me, and after being off for two weeks, it was kind of difficult to get back into "the routine" this morning. It almost felt like I was a kid again, on summer vacation without having to worry about getting to bed on time, or having things prepared for the next day; only now there's a wife, two kids and a home to think about! It's all good, the time off was much needed, and getting back to work should hopefully go smoothly, even for a Monday.

The kids have been full of life, and although they've had their share of "off days," the good far outweighed the bad. Isaiah continues to make strides in showing us just how much he's grown. I've mentioned before that he has found his voice, and with that discovery comes the test of his own decibel level. That boy can scream louder than Makenna! Of course, half the time it's not a scream for want of anything, just to scream. We can't disregard whenever we hear it, just in case it happens to be for a reason, but he can really get the eardrums ringing with the notes he hits. He's been trying his hardest to sit up and stay balanced when he does, but for the most part, he's still a bit top heavy. If we don't watch him, he'll definitely tip over, almost in slow motion! He's been doing most of his eating from the high chair, and actually enjoys the new view. He's getting too heavy to hold and feed, and many can attest to his weight!

Isaiah as he attempts to stay up and balanced
What can I say about Makenna? She's not really shy about anything, and loves to show everyone her favorite dance moves. Our neighbor is really into Hello Kitty, and somehow that's rubbed off on Kenna. Even though her collection is limited to a tee shirt and water bottle, Makenna loves to point out her new favorite cat! The other day at the store, she saw a lunch box with the HK design, and we thought that we'd have to fight her on letting it go. It's a good thing she saw something else, probably an Elmo toy, that distracted her long enough for us to get rid of the box! Of course, that trick won't last much longer, as Makenna's personality is developing such that if she really wants something, she'll let us know just how badly she wants it. She's starting to talk a lot more, only now, we'll here more words! She still babbles, but if you listen carefully, she'll throw in the words "ball, mama, dada, zebra, blue, Isaiah" and others. It'll definitely be interesting to hear her when she's able to put sentences together...

Makenna's favorite new kitty Makenna combing down Isaiah's faux-hawk

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