Friday, May 23, 2008

So this weather we're experiencing is all a bit wacky. Just the other week, we were sitting at home in 100 degree heat with the babies in nothing but their diapers. Even the hot weather wasn't enough to bring the two down, as they enjoyed being dressed in less, happily doing whatever.

How quickly things change. Now we've got average temps, and the other morning, Enz found it cold enough in the house to justify turning on the heater for a bit! That doesn't really matter, as it really makes no difference to the little ones.

Isaiah has been taking to his schedule pretty well, and that's making things a lot easier for us parents! His only real outbursts come when he's hungry, and now that he's on his schedule, his feeding times are almost predictable. It's about time! Makenna, on the other hand, has been a bit of a pill as of late. She's still going through a big teething phase, as we can see her molars almost all the way up through her gums. OUCH! She's also picked up a cold, or allergies, and has been extremely needy over the last couple of days. There's also a new sound she makes when she wants something, and she'll keep making this "uh-uh-uh" noise until she gets her way. How annoying is that?! It's hard not to give in to her neediness, but that sound can really work one's nerves. Oh well, just another stepping stone in parenthood! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!

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