Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hump Day

The kids continue to develop their own personalities, and it's fun to watch them interact with one another. Isaiah has really taken a liking to his big sister, and will focus intently on her when she comes near him. Her babbling makes him laugh in a way that even we can't make him, so we know they've got that special bond. Makenna has always shown love for her little brother, and will still "feel his pain" every once in a while when he's crying. Now that Zae's out of his swing (the thing wouldn't rock anymore, even with new batteries), Kenna finds joy in getting up close and personal with him. Happy Wednesday!

Does my shirt read COOL or DROOL JUST LIKE DADDY?!

Makenna tries her luck as a hair stylist
Makenna has that "fob squat" position mastered, as she shows Isaiah new tricks!


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