Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bring on the pain...

Mother's Day weekend came & went, just about as fast as these kids are growing! We initially planned to do our own celebration with Mommy on Saturday, but had to change things up because of the little ones, mainly Isaiah. We recently took him to a GI specialist to help clear things up with his stomach issues, and while it seemed that Zay was on the downswing with one thing, another issue popped up, which kept us questioning what's going on in the little guy's insides?

Nevertheless, things finally started to pick up for Zay, and he's feeling much, much better now. What a relief! It's hard to sit back and watch helplessly as the kids sit there in pain. There's not much we can do but wait it out and hope things get better. Luckily they did, so far, and the little guy is back to his smiley self once again!

Kenna's been a handful as well, cutting new teeth almost daily. Her eating habits have changed as she tries to get through the pain of her molars & canines breaking through her gums. Watching her walk around, you'd think she was bulimic since her hands and fingers are always in her mouth! For now, it's almost as if she's on a liquid diet because water & milk are the only things she enjoys consuming. We know she's hungry, and we know she loves to eat, but it's as if the pain is overruling her hunger. She's also had her share of tantrums, probably because she's hungry, but it's a vicious cycle. She's grumpy because she's hungry, and she's hungry because she won't eat, and she won't eat because she's in pain-UGH! It's tough trying to remain patient and calm with her. But we know better, and we're hoping that her pain & irritation will subside soon... Aside from all that, she still runs around the house, without a care in the world!

Which brings us back to Mother's Day. We had a great time celebrating on our own with our little family on Saturday. On Sunday, we were able to split our time to accommodate both of our families, morning/brunch with the Camero's & afternoon/dinner with the Aveni's. It was time well spent with both Grandma & Nonna on their special day. The kids had a blast for both events, and were exhausted by the time we got them home!

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