Thursday, November 01, 2007

Kenna's first Halloween

We didn't have any trick or treaters last night, then again, we weren't home, so even if we did have some we would've never known! Our first stop was over at Grandma's house, and of course, she let Makenna pick her own candy. Makenna just grabbed whatever she could get her hands on, so I picked out stuff for myself =) Grandma had a great time with the little bumblebee, and was able to get her to dance and jump around.

Afterwards, it was over to Nonno & Nonna's house where Makenna was able to play for a bit with the kids, Elliott the lion, Wesley the cow, & fellow bumblebee Joya. Its always difficult to snap a photo when all the kids are looking at the same camera, so we all did our best to capture the moment. Kenna got yet another bag of goodies from Nonno & Nonna, but we all know that Enz & I will dip into it (for safety reasons, hahaha).
After being out for a few hours, the little one let us know that she was ready to call it an evening, so we brought her home. It was still early enough for some kids, but no one rang our doorbell. Oh well, more chocolate for the Camero family I guess! By this time, Kenna was out of her costume and was just about ready for bed. She was getting a little fussy, so rather than dressing her back up and dealing with any unnecessary crying, we opted to take her picture with her first pumpkin out of costume. She really enjoyed her pumpkin, and we had to keep her from tipping it over as she playfully pounded on it. All in all, it was a terrific first Halloween for the little one!

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