Monday, November 12, 2007

Another relaxing weekend...

Not much on the social events calendar this past weekend, just a couple of days off to spend with the little one. Both Enz & I were home on Saturday, and we didn't do anything really, especially due to the weather. Sunday, Enz went out for a spa day with her sisters, so that gave me some time to hang out with Kenna. She's been on the fussier side of things these past few days, and we're pretty sure its due to teething. Her upper gums are really inflamed and her two front teeth have finally broken through. Whenever we try to get a look at her upper teeth, she quickly pushes away, and we can see the discomfort whenever we try to touch her gums in that particular area.
Aside from the teething, she was pretty much all smiles yesterday! Having time with her is fun, especially when she's in a good mood =) She's starting to get the hang of pulling herself up onto her knees, and on occasion, she'll end up standing on her feet. She's still doing her army crawl, but now she does the whole "rocking back & forth motion" on her hands and knees. It'll be fun to see her if & when she learns to crawl on her hands and knees. By the looks of things, she may just go from the army crawl to walking, but then again, that could be wishful thinking. Maybe we're pushing her to grow up too fast?
Lately, Makenna has taken a greater interest in Marino. She's been exposed to him since day 1, and she's been sniffed & licked on numerous occasions, many of which, she didn't really care for. Ever since she's become mobile, she's been on the hunt for the dog, and we've had to stop her a few times from crawling into his bed or picking up his toys! Whenever she sees him, she waves to him and immediately tries to crawl to him. For those of you who know Marino, you know that he's a big ball of energy, but when it comes to Makenna, he knows his boundaries so he "tones it down" just a bit. She loves to pet his nose and in the process, she gets her hands licked. If we don't keep an eye on him, he'll always try to lick her face, probably hoping to get a taste of the baby food she's eaten! Its a great relief to know that these two get along!

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