Sunday, November 04, 2007

Kenna stands up by herself!

So this past weekend, Makenna amazed us once again. We've been watching her crawl faster and faster, and on Friday, she actually reached up onto one of her toys and pulled herself up! Enz was playing with her when she first did it, and screamed for me to come out & watch Kenna. Of course, judging by the type of scream Enz let out, I immediately thought something was wrong. When I rushed out, she told me what Kenna did so I grabbed the camera and started taping, hoping for the best. I thought she'd get camera shy again, but sure enough, she pulled herself up into a standing position.

Now, we obviously think this is a great milestone, a great accomplishment for the little one. What we're not seeing, or maybe we're just not quite ready to see, is the fact that this may rapidly lead to Makenna taking her first steps, which means she may be walking soon... YIKES! As if it wasn't hard enough chasing her around while she's crawling! But maybe we're jumping the gun a little too soon? All we know is that since she's around her cousins a lot, she's constantly trying to do what they do. I'm sure it'll be fun to have Kenna walking around, but wow, time is moving sooooo fast!

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