Monday, November 26, 2007

First holiday weekend...

This year we celebrated Makenna's first Thanksgiving and she had a blast! We did our best to prepare her for all the excitement, especially since we figured it would be a fairly long day for the little one. She made it through without much of a hitch, or much of a nap for that matter! And although she didn't get to taste any turkey just yet, she did have fun sitting at the table with the family!

We spent the early part of the afternoon with Enza's family, and then moved over to my family's celebration later in the evening. Makenna took the evening in stride, as she was smothered by all of my aunts and uncles, who enjoyed passing her around and dancing with her. It worked out well because they completely tired her out!

The day after Thanksgiving, we followed our yearly tradition of picking out our Christmas tree. This year Enz wasn't interested in getting the tallest tree, but she was in search of the fattest tree, and I think we found it! We spent the majority of the day and much of the weekend decorating the tree & the house. It's all the same every year, but being Makenna's first Christmas made the decorating much more meaningful.

We didn't know how she would react to all the different things around the house, or all the colorful lights, but as you can see in the picture below, we got a terrific reaction.Here is an actual picture of Makenna's initial reaction when she first saw the Christmas tree with all the lights & decorations on it. Talk about PRICELESS! Now we really can't wait to see how she reacts to all the gift opening!!

And on a side note, we have approximately 10 weeks left until Baby #2 (coconut) graces us with his/her presence. We're both very nervous & excited, so much so that we may vomit....

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