Monday, November 19, 2007

Fun-filled Weekend!

This weekend was full of activities that kept us busy with the little one. She's going through a big teething phase as her top two teeth continue to make their way in, and with that comes the fussiness. She's been off her schedule a bit, possibly due to being uncomfortable, but we manage to adjust accordingly. We figured out that if she acts up with one of us, that's her way of letting us know that she'd rather be with the other parent. Go figure!

Yesterday morning Makenna surprised us both with her "real crawl!" I caught a short glimpse of it on video, and if you listen, you can hear the both of us loudly cheering her on, almost as if she was in the final stretch of a marathon! While it may not be that big a deal to others, it sure shocked the hell out of us! Now its only a matter of time before we see her taking her first steps...

On Saturday, we took Makenna to dinner to celebrate Aunt B's 37th birthday. We were a bit apprehensive at having Kenna out in the evening, especially since she had been a bit fussy throughout the day, but what's one night, right? Once we got around the family and the noise of the restaurant, its like she did a complete 180, and she was all laughs & smiles!

On Sunday, we brought Makenna to the 2nd birthday celebration of Marcos, and although it was a little chilly, she had a great time at the playground. We had her bundled up like she was headed for the snow. She didn't know any different anyway, and kept on enjoying herself. She had fun on the slide as well as the children's swings. It'll be much more fun in the near future when she's able to run around and get through the playground on her own!

Big El on the slide

Wes on the swing

Happy 2nd Birthday Marcos!

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