Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Party hopping

Last weekend, we were invited to a series of family parties that we would normally attend. That's not to say that we decided not to go because of the baby, we just had to decide if we wanted to expose the baby to so much, so soon. We seem to forget that the little one is barely 6 weeks old! We're just so excited that she's here with us and we're used to being around other kids who are already out & about. Plus we often hear people guessing her age, and they usually ask if she's around 3 months old. Huh? We know she's got some size to her, but damn!

The three parties were all fun, and Mak was able to take the whole day in stride. From a housewarming, to a 7 year birthday party, and finally to a family party at grandma's, the little one got worn out! Grandma couldn't get enough of her little granddaughter's visit & proceeded to show off her little star! By the time we got home, Mak was exhausted and even let us catch a four hour nap! We're counting the days until she sleeps the whole night through!!

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