Friday, April 27, 2007

Making changes

It's been nearly a whole week, and Makenna has been getting in some long stretches of sleep. She's already slept through the night twice, and the last few nights she's gone at least five hours before waking up. These last couple of mornings, she's gotten up right before I leave for work, so I've had a pretty fun opportunity to see her so bright-eyed and bushy tailed as she wakes up. She's extremely active at 5am, and she's been starting my mornings off right!

As of late, Kenna has become more interactive with her surroundings. When she's on her activity mat, she focuses more on some of the toys, and has even learned to swat at the hanging bird and rattle. In her small swing, she's in the process of learning how to activate the lights & music. She did so the other day with Enz, so hopefully that wasn't just an accident. All in all, we think she's making great progress as she closes in on her second month. Wow, how time flies...

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