Monday, April 30, 2007

Beating the heat

Makenna had an interesting weekend with the short little heat wave. While we were still in the mindset of "add 1 layer to the amount of layers you're wearing," Makenna let us know just how uncomfortable she got when the temperature went up. We decided to strip her down to her onesie before putting her down. After a long afternoon nap, just about the time the temp had peaked, Kenna woke up extremely fussy. Normally after a long nap she'd be hungry, so we figured we should feed her. Not only did she refuse the bottle, she cried up a storm! Poor baby!

Enz thought it would be a good idea to bring her outside so she could get some fresh air or a change of scenery-anything to get her to stop crying! Once I stepped outside, it was like instant relief, and Kenna was happy as ever. She immediately went into super happy baby mode and was "talking" up a storm with us. As I sat there and entertained the little one, Enz was able to capture some of her best expressions. Now that Kenna's just about 2 months old, we're noticing her personality coming out more, and we're loving it! We can't wait to see how much more she'll amaze us in the near future!

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