Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Great news!!

Last night marked the very first time that Makenna was able to sleep through the night! We're both pretty jazzed about it, even though we know that it probably won't happen all the time, at least for now it won't. We're just excited because we know that she's reaching that stage and going that route. WHEW!

On yet another exciting note, we just learned that our friends are expecting their second child. A very special CONGRATULATIONS to our good friends, The Cunanan Family! It's funny because they recently met little Mak, and we asked them THE question, "so when are you guys having another one?" Come to find out that they were pregnant at the time and just waiting to get into the "safe zone." We wish them a safe and healthy pregnancy! I'm sure Kevan can't wait to meet his little brother or sister! Not only that, Makenna will be happy to know that she'll have yet another playmate!

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