Friday, April 06, 2007

Big girls don't cry?

Yesterday we took the little one to visit the doctor for specific concerns we were having regarding her jaundice and possible acid reflux. As the nurse instructed us to remove the baby's clothing for her routine weigh-in, we were both surprised how much she's grown in the last couple of weeks. Makenna is now at a healthy weight of 10 pounds 13 ounces! We knew she was growing, but to hear that she's close to 11 pounds & she's barely a month old was a pleasant surprise! What a big girl we have!

Needless to say, all is well with the "little" one. Her bilirubin level has gone down to a very acceptable level-most infants range from 1-10 and her's has gone down to 10.1. The doctor also gave us some tips regarding what to do to help with her spitting up. Hey, we're all still learning here! I think we're both just relieved that our concerns were fairly minor. WHEW!

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