Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Growth spurt

So it's been about a week since I've given an update on the kids. Lack of free time is what's keeping me from being consistent with posts, but I'm sure things will mellow out shortly, at least enough to give me a spare moment or two to get everyone up to speed with our "not so little" ones.

After last week's mysterious fever that came and went in a jiffy, the kids are back to their normal, happy-go-lucky selves. The smiles and laughter are always welcome over the crying and whining! When Isaiah's miserable, all he does is cry; and when Makenna's miserable, all she does is whine (about everything)! So to see the both of them in really great spirits was a blessing. They're really starting to play well together, and it's entertaining to listen to them talk to each other. It usually starts off with Makenna dictating what needs to be done like "No Zae Zae, use this one," and then Isaiah showing his disapproval with a loud, shrieking scream. UGH! Isaiah's got a set of lungs on him, and anyone that hears him scream automatically assumes it's Makenna! Of course she can get going with her pipes too, but she only does it when Isaiah won't stop and she wants to be heard!

We thought it was only Makenna, but it seems that both kids are having fun calling us by our first names. Makenna knows exactly how to use it, and has no problems calling our "Jerry" or "Enza". Isaiah, on the other hand, will only call out "Enz" after he hears me say it. The other day when I was changing him, I called for Enz to get something for me. He immediately picked up on that and started shouting "Enz!" HAHAHA! Now he'll do it when he's asked. I'm just waiting for him to call out "Jer" one of these days!

Yesterday, Enz had the day off and had a few errands to run. Rather than loading up the truck and carting both kids around all day, she dropped Makenna off at her parent's house, and had a little one-on-one time with Isaiah. That was probably one of the best things she's done with him because it gave her some alone time with him, something that he hasn't had a lot of lately. Back when Makenna was his age (and I say it like it was SOOO long ago), we were both able to take her out and do things with her alone since she was the only child. And we're thinking that Isaiah has missed out on a lot of that. We've actually been making more of a conscious effort to have him tag along with either one of us alone, just so that he gets to experience things on his own. I've even been taking him on errands with me, whether it be to the store, the mall, or grandma's house. Kenna's had that opportunity, so it's only fair that Isaiah gets the same, and he loves the undivided attention! Who wouldn't?! Happy Wednesday everyone!

Isaiah's shirt says it all!

Makenna's half-smile (she's growing into quite the little girl!)

The kids have fun on jungle-gym Daddy!

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