Monday, June 08, 2009

Another fun weekend

Though we've been having a bit of strange weather lately, this past weekend it changed for the better as the sun finally broke through the gloom. Satuday, I spent most of the day with the kids at home. In the late afternoon, Enz took Makenna with her to a bridal shower (for which she'll be one of the flower girls). While the girls were out, I took Isaiah for some play time at the park. There was so much going on at the park, lots of kids, lots of birthday parties, but what fascinated the little man the most was the creek and all the running water! He had fun playing in the sand and the playground, as I used this time to tire him out. When we finally got home, he was so ready for bed, which meant some time to relax for me!

Isaiah fascinated by the creek at the park...

Makenna poses with Mommy's hot shoes!

Yesterday we had another great time with the kids, this time at the Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festival. It seemed to be a much smaller event than previous years, but still fun, especially with the kids doing their share of people watching! Rather than taking them out in the stroller and having them suffer in the heat, we opted to bring them out in their newly covered wagon, and they had a blast! After cruising around for a while, we let the kids stretch out and play over by the main stage where they had their share of dancing. As the afternoon wore on, we noticed that the kids started to get a little on the "touchy" side, and were getting on each other's nerves! It was funny watching them act in true "brother and sister" fashion by kicking each other's feet! I guess after a while, being in close quarters like that will make otherwise calm kids a bit antsy. Plus it was right around their naptime, so we decided to call it a day and bring the little ones home. Once we got home, they both had no problems crashing out for a couple of hours, and we took advantage of the quiet and did the same! Such a pleasant end to another terrific weekend!
Rockin' the Radio Flyer canopy on their wagon!
Mommy gives the kids a little snack...

The kids enjoy some Jamba Juice and music at the S'vale Art & Wine Festival...

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