Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Out of control?

This past weekend was Mother's Day, and the kids tried to be on their best behavior to make the weekend a pleasant one for mommy. What started off well, became extremely exhausting by Sunday evening. Not sure what it was, but both kids and their persistent little attitudes had the both of us floored. Aside from that, Enza had a wonderful Mother's Day, and why wouldn't she? She's got two of the greatest kids in the world =)

Kids and mood swings definitely go hand in hand, especially at our house! One day the kids will be in great moods, very agreeable and content, while other days they'll work each other's nerves, and definitely get the best of us in the process. When one is in a bad mood, it affects the other, making for a tense household. But luckily for us, days like that are off and on, so it's not like we muddle through weeks worth of uneasy tension. When one of the kids isn't acting like him/herself, that's usually only the case for a day or so (sometimes less than that). The next day, it's as if everything was forgotten and the kids are back to normal. Chalk it up to teething, this last time, but Isaiah was a little pill!

The little man is going through a bit of "stranger" anxiety. I doubt that's a real thing, but it sums up what he's experiencing. Whenever he hears or sees someone not in his daily circle of people, he tenses up and literally freaks out a bit. He gets scared, even if it's someone he knows. It usually only takes him a few minutes to get reacquainted enough to feel normal again, but c'mon now! There are a few select family members outside the house with whom he doesn't exhibit this behavior, so hopefully it's something he'll get over soon. On the flip side, he's our little mischief maker around the house, getting into things he's not supposed to. His latest thing is saying "huh" when he gets caught doing something.

"Isaiah, what are you doing?" [Isaiah]: "huh?" "Are you supposed to be playing with that?" [Isaiah]: "huh?"

And that can go on for days! Too funny, but then it gets old because he'll continue doing what he's not supposed to!

Looking for trouble behind that smile...

Makenna is doing some new stuff as well. Her latest? Rather than asking for specific books for us to read to her at bedtime, she started taking the initiative and began "reading" to us! Now that may sound a bit unbelievable, especially for our 2 year old, but its true! Last night, she grabbed one of her favorite bedtime stories "Grandpa's Little One," and started flipping through the pages, reading bits and pieces from each page! Of course a lot of it is memorization since we've read this to her on more than one occasion, but it seems like more than that. With each page turn, we can see her look over what's on the page (picture-wise) and think about what words go with that particular picture. It was a trip to hear her reciting exact sentences from the book! Her mind seems to be developing at such a fast rate, and we're SO SO glad that she's into reading so much more than tv. Leave the tv for daddy! Hehehe...

Makenna reads to anyone within earshot, even Marino gets his fill...

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