Monday, May 04, 2009

My time with the kids

Wow, what another busy week it has been, again, so much so that blog updates were virtually impossible! What made this past week so different was that Enz was in full "bridal shower planning mode," making her presence at home more of an absence! Had this been earlier in the game, I probably would've gone crazy with the kids. But since they're both at really fun stages, it made for a really interesting week and weekend. Enz was able to pop her head in at home every now and then, so the kids never really missed a beat.

Working from home on Fridays has become fairly routine, and I think the kids actually enjoy the change. It is hard to get a lot of work done, but I can say that I do get something accomplished, and something is better than nothing! Right now, Makenna is going through yet another inquisitive phase, asking "what are you doing" every few minutes. I think she finally got tired of hearing me say "I'm doing the same thing you asked me a few minutes ago" because she stopped asking. Of course with my luck, that only lasted about an hour! Her new thing is drawing with a pencil (with close supervision of course). While she still likes to color, she really enjoys drawing, though much of her "art" is still scribbling, with an occasional letter drawn in.

Isaiah is much into climbing things, and testing out his balancing abilities. I recently brought out the kid's play table and chairs, and he immediately figured out that he could climb up and stand on the chair. Not only that, he figured out that he could move the chair to other places in the house, places where he couldn't reach things before, like the kitchen! Yeah, now its really time to keep a watchful eye on our little daredevil. Equipped with his trusty chair, he could get into so much more trouble than before!

Isaiah making Mommy proud!

Makenna, our little studious one... Isaiah figured out how to use his chair to his advantage
A visit with Grandpa
Enough said!!!


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