Thursday, May 21, 2009

Growing kids

Thank goodness for the cool-down in temperature from this past weekend! The moderate temperatures make for a better mood in our house, though we are gearing up for what looks to be a hot summer. The kids have enjoyed the weather, and they love to be outdoors when it gets warm. I can see how being inside can drive anyone crazy, especially the kids because they can't go outside on their own just yet. So if either one of us doesn't feel like going out, then the kids are stuck inside with us too. But again, since the weather's been mild, it's been a lot easier to take the kids out for walks to get some fresh air. Too hot or too cold and we're all miserable. If the weather can stay at a mellow "in-between," then we'll all be good!

That being said, the kids are finding ways to channel their boundless energy. Isaiah just realized that he can climb things, and while the couch isn't the same height as Mt. Everest, we can still see how careful he is as he attempts to climb. He's also in a really cute stage of imitating his sister, and listening to him is like listening to Makenna all over again. Whatever she says and does, he tries to say and do. And to watch the two of them play together makes me so happy we had them so close together, though at the time, everyone thought we were a little crazy!

What can I say about Makenna other than that she's growing up SO fast, it's incredible. We never did much of the "baby talk" with her or Isaiah for that matter, so we talked to them in the same tone as we talked to anyone else (minus all the vulgar language, of course). With Makenna though, it's so fun to have a full-on conversation with her, knowing that she pretty much understands everything you say. It's like talking to another adult in the house! Her newest toy is one of my old laptops, and she loves to play on it like she's working, especially when she sees either one of us on the computer. It's almost like everyone is imitating everyone else in the Camero household! Too funny!

Isaiah testing his low-climbing abilities "Hello this is Makenna, how can I help you?"

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