Thursday, May 07, 2009

Isaiah's 15 month appointment

Yesterday was Isaiah's 15 month doctor visit, and despite the fact he had to get a shot, it was a great visit for the little man. The doctor was pleased with his growth and development thus far, and even had the chance to have a bit of a "one on one" conversation with Isaiah. The funny thing about that was Isaiah actually sat and listened attentively when the doctor talked to him. When the doctor asked him a question, he even nodded as if he was answering and agreeing with the doctor! Great laughs yesterday!

So our little man's measurements puts him in the 50th percentile for everything. At 15 months, he currently weighs 24.8 pounds, he's 31 inches long/tall, and his head circumference is 47 cm. We've noticed that he's gone through a bit of growth spurt lately, mainly in his height since he's always been a solid eater! Nevertheless, he's slowly creeping up to his sister, so she better take advantage of the fact that she can only push him around for so long =)

The little big man...

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