Friday, March 20, 2009

Patience tested

We thought Makenna's terrible two's started early, but seems like that stage may be in full swing now that little Miss Independent has a big voice! Sure all her words were cute and funny when she first started saying them, but since she's figured out how to put them together to form sentences, she's literally been telling us what she wants and doesn't want. At first we praised her for her ability to use the right words at the right times, and that's a great accomplishment for a two-year old. But when that word is the dreaded "no," it gets a little old. She acts as if she has a say in the matter, regardless of what it is. For example, Makenna will say "no" when we tell her it's time for her nap. Or she'll say "no, I don't want to eat" when it's time for dinner. These are just a few examples of her thinking she has a choice! It gets to the point where every other word is "no" and sometimes she'll even confuse herself by saying it when she wants something! HA! She knows that word will get us going (God knows what we used to go through if we said "no" to our parents) and she just keeps on saying it to push our buttons. When we don't give in, she'll break down and cry, and sometimes throw herself on the ground. She's also developed this weird, whiny, roaring sound that makes us look at each other and ask, "where did she learn that from?" Oh well, we keep telling ourselves that it's just a phase that kids go through, and with that, we're preparing for when Isaiah goes through it, if he hasn't begun already! Right now he starts up when he sees that Makenna is having a fit, and he's already Mr. Sensitive.... Oh the humanity!!! Happy Friday!

Makenna and Isaiah on a good day...

The family @ Brianna's 2nd birthday (we were all kind of sick here)

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