Monday, March 30, 2009

The kids

While a lot of our attention has been on Makenna's growth, we've forgotten how quickly Isaiah is developing as well. Its fun to compare where Isaiah is now to where Makenna was back when she was a year old. Back then, she was a lot more chatty than he is now, but he's picked up on more words than she did, probably because he hears her saying them and then he attempts to say it too. Regardless of what we're teaching Makenna, Isaiah is right behind her playing catch-up, though she's at the point of understanding what were asking of her while he's just imitating. Either way, they're both making great progress in their overall development!

Isaiah continues being overly inquisitive, and has found great interest in the dog. Whenever Marino enters the room, Isaiah lets out a big "oooohhhhhhh" and follows him all over the place. He likes when Marino licks his hands, and enjoys playing with Marino's teeth. Marino is very careful and will just lay there while Isaiah has his way with him. We've been fortunate that Marino has taken well to both babies, even though a lot of people still can't believe we have such a "beast" around the kids =)

Makenna is turning into a real peach, and her attitude has really started to surface. She's become so independent and strong-willed, and will shout "me do it" when she doesn't want any help in doing something. She will ask for help though if she gets in a bind, but that's usually after getting extremely frustrated! HA, sounds a bit like me =) At this point, we're allowing her to express her independence, to a certain degree of course (give an inch, they take a mile)! She's still too young to do much on her own, but recently, when putting her in her car seat, she started with the "I wanna drive" chant. What the? Drive?? Already?? Oh boy, do we have a big task ahead of us with this one!

Playing hide & seek at Yogurtland

Storytime for ALL the kids (even Marino's getting in the mix)

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