Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Developing personalities

So it seems that our two little munchkins are becoming quite the formidable tag team these days. And while they're both making great strides in their development, their bond with one another is much like that of any other brother and sister pair we've seen. They have their good days, and their not-so-good days, some more than others, but at days end, they both give each other a goodnight hug and kiss. I wonder how long that'll last before they start ripping each other's hair out!

Now that Enza's birthday has come and gone, we're done with the "Camero birthday rush" which tends to keep the momentum of the holidays and our anniversary going. Ahh, a lull in the festivities is all we need, because it seems like we've been going non-stop since Halloween! For now, we can enjoy the silence, how ever long that lasts! With all the recent birthdays came Isaiah's new word: birthday! He actually said it right before we woke Mommy up on her birthday. That being said, Makenna's favorite song at the moment is Happy Birthday, and she sings it to anyone and everyone regardless of their date of birth!

Isaiah has sprouted a couple more teeth, and has been one big ball of drool as of late. He can't keep his shirts dry for more than a few hours and we're finding that his laundry is neverending! His little jealousy streak is slowly developing, and he doesn't like to share our attention, especially with his sister. If he's sitting with one of us and Makenna wants to join us, he will immediately push her away and start crying. I'm pretty sure he learned that from her, but we're slowly working on the whole idea of "sharing."

Makenna's attitude is showing up more, and was the most evident the other day when I called her over to clean up her toys. Her response? "I'm doing something!" and she said it with such attitude it left Enza and I speechless! Sure, it was funny, but then we started to look at the big picture and had visions of her future rebellious years. We need to nip that in the bud before the attitude becomes overly dominant. And so it all begins...

Our artsy little man, showing off his latest drawing...

Makenna helps prepare breakfast

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