Monday, March 02, 2009

Fun with the kids!

Yet another relaxing weekend at home, with not much planned but to lounge around and do nothing! We were anticipating the next "big storm," but apparently it turned out to be just a teaser as it didn't really rain much. The kids were on their best behavior for the most part, though Isaiah decided to rebel this weekend and took it upon himself to skip out on his afternoon nap on both days. He's got another tooth starting to make it's way out, and he's been drooling more than the dog! Makenna continues to "wow" us with her ever-growing vocabulary, and the use of her new words is pretty much spot on! We often find ourselves wondering, "how does she know when to use that?" So now it's a matter of keeping a watchful ear on what we say around the house because it seems that Kenna's radar is up and running, and she seems to have selective hearing as to what she picks out to repeat! As cute as it is to hear her repeat certain things, it's probably not appropriate to hear her drop an f-bomb when talking to grandma!

A future American Idol?

The Camero Family Rock Band!!

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