Saturday, January 06, 2007


Last night we attended the first of three birth preparation classes. We met an interesting mix of couples who were all fairly close to us in regards to due dates. Out of the 15 couples in the class, 9 were expecting girls, 4 were expecting boys, and 2 were unknown.

While we had an idea what this class was about, we had no idea of the immediate effect it would have on us. As we sat through the initial presentation, we felt like it was just an overview of the stuff we've read in books. We went on to break up into two groups; one group was expecting in February, while the other in March. We met a couple whose due date was on the 7th, and even one whose due date was the 22nd. For those of you who know, those are our birthdays! What a small world. There weren't any other babies due on March 4th, making our peanut's due date a little more special, to us at least! Then again, it's not guaranteed that she'll be born her due date anyway.

Once the ice-breaking exercise was over, we watched a couple of preparation videos. As the videos went on explaining the different stages of labor, it seemed like Enz got a bit overwhelmed. Reality seemed to set in, in a big way. Gone were the thoughts of "I can't believe we're pregnant." It was almost as if they were replaced with thoughts of "Oh my god, how big is 10 cm???" Afterwards, we got on the floor and practiced breathing techniques, as the expectant fathers got a taste of being a support system. We were also teased about not really knowing what pain our wives would go through, so our wives were asked to place clothespins on our ears to give us an idea of what it's like to focus through pain. Yeah right, like that's the same!

Nevertheless, we made it through the first class with flying colors. Not only did we meet some nice people, we were left with a strange feeling inside. A feeling that was telling us just how real this experience has become, and that there's literally no turning back now. Hah, like we'd really want to anyway!

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