Thursday, January 11, 2007

Another two-week appointment

Enz had another two-week appointment yesterday, and amidst all the chaos in the doctor's world, everything is coming up roses! It appeared that our little peanut has gone through a growth spurt as of late, and that was verified by our doctor. Of course an indication on my end was the fact that Enza's belly has really started to protrude and that she's been more vocal about how heavy it is, but hearing and seeing the measurements from the doctor really cemented it for us.

All is well, and the baby is in a great position at the moment. We've been feeling different body parts moving around and Enz is always having everyone feel whatever it is the little peanut is pushing out against her belly. She's been kicking or punching a lot more lately, but what I've just recently started to feel is the actual movement or shifting she's doing in there. Maybe it's because I haven't been patient enough to keep my hand in one spot for a LONG time, but now that I've felt it, that's all I want to feel. It's like she's doing tai-chi or some basic dance steps. Whatever it is, it's a strange feeling, but in a good way. Not too long now, somewhere around 50+ days and counting...

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