Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

Wow, 2007 is finally upon us and that just brings us closer to our baby's due date. Although we still have a couple of months to go, we can't believe that the day is rapidly approaching, and we constantly find ourselves wondering just where the time went.

It seems like it was yesterday when Enz & I decided to share the good news with everyone, and that was way back in July. While the family was preparing for the arrival of a second grandson, we were so excited to share the news of a third grandchild for the Aveni family, and a first grandchild for the Camero family. 2006 was a very eventful and blessed year!

Much like the days leading up to our wedding, Enz has a countdown leading up to the baby's due date. Believe it or not, the count is already down to 60 days! To this day we're still in a state of shock that we will soon be parents, or that we'll finally have a little one to be responsible for. Our life as we know it, is no longer just about the two of us. That being said, we are more than ready for life's future challenges!

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