Monday, October 16, 2006

Play another song for me...

Lots of movement from the little one this weekend. On Saturday, we went out and did our baby registry at a few places. That was an adventure in itself, much like doing our wedding registry! We were prepared for a full day of "shopping", but got a bit overwhelmed with all the little stuff. I'm pretty sure we missed a few things, but it's all good.

After dinner on Saturday, we were on the computer trying to fine tune our registries online. We had some music playing from, a really decent live trance set from Europe by Mazza & Martinelli. As the set played on, Enz noticed a little movement in her belly. She described it as "the baby turning, or possibly moving her arms & legs." It wasn't the normal fluttering she had described before, but more like body movements. Really exciting stuff! She kept on doing her little dance while the music was playing, finally tiring out when we shut the computer off! We're assuming that she's into music....

At church on Sunday, our little one "woke up" when the choir started singing, and did her little dance routine whenever music was played. I guess she's not all too particular just yet as to what type of music she likes, just as long as there's a melody and rhythm.

Finally, last night as we were winding down our busy weekend, Enz played some classical music for the little peanut, and sure enough, it got her going again! We'll continue to play different styles of music for her to see what moves her most. Here's to hoping the little one's got rhythm =)

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