Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More activity

Well, according to Enz, our little one has become quite the little busy body! She's pretty oblivious to our schedules, as Enza finds herself being startled by Peanut's movements. This past weekend, I noticed that Enz would suddenly jerk every now and then, as if she got shocked or startled. It turns out that it was our little Peanut and her kicking or whatever she's doing in there! Her movements are becoming more and more frequent, and more and more intense.

This is an extemely exciting time for us, as we move on through the fifth month. She reacts more quickly now, especially when there's music playing. She had a little workout this past Saturday during the evening mass when the choir began singing. We're curious to see how she'll react when she's here and when we play music for her.

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