Monday, September 18, 2006


So I attended the Big Time Wrestling show this past Saturday in Sunnyvale. I had a great time with my cousins, who, judging by their reactions, also had fun!

I'm posing here with The New Age Outlaws (Badass Billy Gunn & The Road Dogg Jesse James) and Ivory, three of my favorites from back in the day. What a trip and an honor to be in the ring with them.

I just wanted to post this so my little peanut can look back on this later on and laugh at what a real nut his/her daddy was......

Here's a video clip from the New Age Outlaw's entrance.

The New Age Outlaws

For all the DX fans out there, this should be pretty familiar. The cool thing about this is that Road Dogg said his part, and handed the mic to Billy Gunn who "acted" as if he forgot his lines. I shouted out what was next and Road Dogg acknowledged! Its great to be a fan!!!

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Aunt B. said...

Dude - your peanut is going to die (of laughter or even shame) when she hears the stories I have to tell!

I cannot wait to say, "You know what your dad used to do when he was a kid???"