Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Terrible two's

When Isaiah was born, some 18 months ago, our baby girl Makenna was only 11 months old. At first we didn't think that would be a big issue, and figured that being so close in age would help them grow together in closeness. What we didn't realize was that by having them so close together, we would be taking away from the individual attention we would have been giving Makenna. But then again, what if we had twins? Then the whole thought of "individual attention" goes out the window, right? Having our kids grow up only 11 months apart wasn't really our choice, but it was the card we were dealt, and we're happy things happened the way they did.

Once Isaiah was born, and Makenna had to learn that she wasn't the only baby in the house, her terrible two's started a little early (or so we thought)! She's been a great big sister, and she tells the world proudly that Isaiah's her little brother! But apart from her loving, big sister role, her darker side has begun to rear it's head. Makenna is close to reaching the 2.5 year mark, and she's proven that she's a lot more wiser than her years. Not only is she freely speaking her mind, she's been pushing her little brother around! Who would've thought that our angelic little baby girl could be such a little bully?! We figure it must be some kind of pecking order of sorts, or survival of the fittest, or maybe even the idea that $hit rolls downhill. In the greater scheme of things, Isaiah's at the bottom of the hill, with Makenna just above him. That being said, it's natural for the older sibling to torment the younger one, so we chalk that up as normal. But when she turns around and tries to pull rank on one of us? It ain't happening, not in this lifetime! Picking on your younger sibling is one thing, but trying to talk back to your parents is totally different. We understand that this is just the beginning. In fact, this is normal for her age, and it'll grow from here. We're just trying to nip it in the bud so it doesn't get blown so out of proportion later on, that she's running us by the time she's 5 years old. Like I said, not in this lifetime!

At the end of the day though, after having all her fits, sitting in her naughty spot, and after all of her numerous apologies to the rest of the family, Makenna returns to her normal and well-behaved self. I'm not trying to say that she's a little spitfire every day, but more often than not, she shows a bit of sass and attitude. It must be the Sicilian side of her because Filipinos are known to be a calm and mellow people. Hehehe, just kidding, had to throw that one in there =) But seriously, at day's end, when she's winding down, it's hard to stay upset with her, especially when she flashes that million dollar smile and says "I love you."

Boy does she have us wrapped....

Makenna tormenting Isaiah...

Our little angel?

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